ICAEW ACA : Financial Management

Last Updated : 21-11-2022

The aim of the course

To enable students to recommend relevant options for financing a business, recognise and manage financial risks and make appropriate investment decisions.

On completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • identify capital requirements of businesses, assess financing options and recommend relevant methods of financing;
  • identify the financial risks facing a business and the principal methods of managing those risks; and
  • apply appropriate investment appraisal techniques taking into account other factors affecting investment decisions.

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    Azam is director of the ICAEW-CFAB program at DSR. He was the lead instructor for the PAQT/EFP program, a joint initiative launched in 2019 by the Human Resources Authority and ADGM Academy. To date, 29 Emirati students have earned the ACCA diploma through the program.

    Azam teaches ICAEW ACA courses at DSR and to corporate clients, including EmiratesNBD. His practice areas include Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, and Taxation.

    Azam is a graduate of Brown University (’01) in Providence, RI, USA. He attended the American Community School in Abu Dhabi.

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